Simple And Helpful Tips From A Wedding Photographer On Makeup, Clothing, and Eyeglasses

by | Photography

As a portrait and wedding photographer, my objective is to capture the bride, groom and wedding party looking their very best.  Following are a few simple and easy tips that will help ensure everyone looks great. 

Tip #1 Choose makeup without SPF, moisturizers or silica

Whether you are having a professional makeup artist or a close friend do your makeup for your wedding, selecting the correct makeup is essential.  Choose makeup without any type of SPF,  moisturizers, silica or similar components.  These types of ingredients can cause camera flash back.  This occurs when the photographer’s flash reflects off the makeup.  SPF and similar ingredients are reflective and when the camera flash fires, it reflects off the skin causing “flash back” or “hot spots”.  This issue will appear as either very shiny white blotches or discoloration of your makeup often as an unusual pattern on your face.  These issues are particularly prevalent in the T zone on your face.  This is the area across the forehead and down the nose.  It also shows up on your cheeks and chin in some cases.  Regardless, the look is not flattering and has a negative impact on your photos. Here is a link that provides examples of flashback and tips to help prevent this issue. 

Tip # 2 Guys, avoid herringbone patterns for your suit, tie and shirt

Who doesn’t like a sharp looking suit with a herringbone pattern.  The answer is the camera.  Especially in digital photography; there is a unique and unflattering effect that is caused when a digital camera is capturing specific patterns. This effect is called moiré and is caused when a fine pattern in the subject, such as the weave in a fabric, matches the pattern of the digital imaging sensor in the camera. When these two patterns meet, often a third, new pattern is created which causes moiré.  The result is a unique pattern, shadow and discoloration that presents itself all over the suit, tie or fabric.  This can occur with any fine fabric pattern, however it is most often associated with herringbone.  

Tip #3 How to minimize eyeglass glare

Let’s face it, eyeglasses are essential for many of us but can pose an additional challenge for your wedding photographer who needs to address and minimize reflections in your photos.  Your photographer has a few tips up their sleeve to reduce or eliminate eyeglass glare, however, here are a few tips for you to consider prior to your wedding.  If you must wear eyeglasses, consider lenses with a high quality anti-reflective coating.  There are many versions and levels of anti-reflective coating on the market.  The more expensive versions do an excellent job of minimizing glare while not adding a purplish or greenish reflection to your lenses.  I know this sounds trivial, but make sure your eyeglasses are clean and if you have anti-reflective lenses, use a high quality cleaner designed for this type of coating.  Another type of eyeglass lenses that should be avoided are eyeglass lenses that darken outside and act like sunglasses.  One brand name is Transitions.  While you can’t avoid this occurring outdoors, keep in mind that when you move into the shade or indoors it takes some time for the lenses to return to a relatively clear appearance.  When on a tight schedule and with a wedding party anxious to move from picture taking onto the party, every minute counts.