A Wedding Photo List Is A Great Idea

by | Wedding Photography

So you have met with several different wedding photographers and decided on the one that you want to capture your special wedding day.  A wedding shot or photography list should be part of your wedding photography planning.  The photographer will most likely be with you throughout the entire event, beginning with the hair and makeup photographs and concluding with the last dance.  A lot of photographs will be taken over the course of the day and into the evening.  Many photographs may make their way into a custom wedding album and parents’ albums.  A journalistic photography approach is very popular with brides and is a great way to document the day in a natural “storybook” fashion.  When done well, you won’t even notice the photographer capturing spontaneous expressions and fun moments. There are also formal photos that are usually requested as well.  These include immediate and extended family groups, wedding party, first look, and bride and groom.  Depending on the schedule for the day and whether the bride and groom want to see each other prior to the ceremony dictates when the best time is to capture these photos.

It is always a good idea to create a shot list for the photographers.  This will ensure they capture any special requests such as specific individuals who will be in attendance, relatives, or special moments.  This helps take the stress out of the day and keeps everyone on time.  A pre-meeting with your photographer is also an option where you can review all the details for the day.

Remember, after your wedding day, the images are the memories that you will have for a very long time.  Enjoy and have fun!