Wedding Lighting Adds Vibrance To Your Photos

by | Wedding Photography

Professional wedding lighting makes a huge difference in the way your wedding day photos look.  An on-camera pop-up flash has its place in photography and in a pinch, can help.  The ideal scenario is one where your professional wedding photographer has invested in lighting that brings all of your photos to life.  Let’s take for example photographing the reception.  It is important and makes a huge difference if the wedding photographer sets up multiple flashes that are placed strategically around the room and dance floor.  They provide ambient light that is directed where the action and special moments will be taking place.  They supplement the professional level flash that in many instances the photographer has attached to their camera.  The use of a multiple flash setup makes your images come to life, they “pop” and are vibrant.  They provide dimension to each and every image and in some instances act like a spotlight that focuses on the main individual in the photo.

The professional wedding photographer needs to understand all aspects of lighting.  This makes a significant difference in the final results.  The position of the flashes, location, and power are all elements that must be understood and used to create a dramatic and stunning look.  You will immediately see the difference and will be happy to include in your wedding album, have made into prints, or post on social media.