Rockville Maryland Bar Mitzvah Celebration for Jeremy

by | Photography

What a great evening and group of guests.  Not only is Jeremy a great young man, but his friends were equally fun.  The evening was high energy with dancing by everyone both kids and adults.  I had the opportunity to not only provide the bar mitzvah photography coverage but also the green screen which was a huge success.  The theme was swimming so the center pieces were replica’s of both swim trophies and mini competitive swimming pools.  I had the opportunity to photograph Jeremy over the summer during one of his meets and captured some action photographs of him swimming.  The photos were used as part of the center piece arrangements as well.  One image was even enlarged to an 24×30 poster size print and displayed over the sign-in table.

We selected 6 backgrounds for the green screen that included a graffiti wall, olympic pool, cherry blossoms, Grand Teton mountains, sports scene, and surf boards.  Everyone at the party got into the green screen mode and had photos taken throughout the event.  Leaving with prints was a nice reminder of the fun evening.